Young and gifted artist, designer, and writer. Energetic and enthusiastic. Inspiring and innovative. Focused and determined. Still, the descriptions could continue infinitely. How does one encapsulate the many great attributes of a person who can effectively and simultaneously stir every human emotion by presenting real life situations in which almost everyone can empathize? Simple: just call her Robin Anntoinette. Robin Anntoinette quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the arena of theatrics. By combining her natural writing and directing abilities with her vast array of bittersweet life experiences, she has tactfully emerged as one of the most promising dramatists of our time. After penning numerous skits, Robin began touring her first major play, "A Second Time Around, in 2012. "A Second Time Around" was performed at numerous times in church settings. But in 2012 Robin took a leap of faith and presented the production to sold out audiences at George Street Playhouse.
Robin is a published Author. Her First book the Glory Trail is an independently published project. She earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Rutgers University. Some of her new endeavors include: Robin is scheduled to release her first independent music project along with her daughter Davia and other amazing talent in 2020. In 2020 Robin and her daughter also launched a beauty brand and clothing store online called Rustic Blossom. Rustic Blossom's first store location will open Saturday, May 15, 2021 at East Brunswick Mall in NJ. Robin is an amazing Stylist and Artist. She is a leader and a public speaker. She also enjoys in engaging in activities that will help nurture youth. Accordingly she volunteers regularly at the Covenant House, wherein she mentors youth by helping address the issues of homelessness, housing and shelter and as well assisting those who have dropped out of school gain re-entry. In her spare time is enjoys, travel, dance, and fitness. Robin is the proud mother of one daughter Davia Mone't.